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Just how much do TV anchors really make? (Hint: Not all that much …).

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In past years, the general public has heard tell of information supports like NBC’s Matt Lauer who makes $20 million a year, and also Katie Couric, currently pulling in $10 million from Yahoo Information. The multi-million wages of heavyweight anchors is not the standard, according to a yearly study of current wages released by the Radio Tv Digital Information Organization, an industry team.

The average wage for information support is $83,300, though this can range from a minimum of $14,000 to a maximum of $875,000, depending on market size and other situations. You can also checkout Hakainde Hichilema

Sports anchors weigh in with a typical $56,500 every year, with a variety of $18,000-$ 275,000. Weathercasters make $69,800, with a series of $12,000-$ 595,000.

” Certainly not a great year for TELEVISION information incomes, yet it’s far better than in 2014,” states Hofstra University teacher emeritus Bob Paper, that did the research study. “On the support desk, news supports and weathercasters increased, yet sports supports dropped.”.


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