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5 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money

The Benefits of Blogging for Marketing Purposes - Business 2 Community

You find a good deal of popular sites on the market, right?

Want to start a blog since you hear about just how beautiful it really is?

You probably browse popular sites and wondering just how they earn money?

Yes, if you are a stay-at-home mother, you’ll be able to initiate a mum blog!

So, I thought I would share a few of the very well-known sites for you.

That is not the situation.

My other site helps individuals become an independent author. It’s purely a service-based site and that supplies nearly all of my earnings.

Let us look at eight site niches which you can begin now and earn money doing this!

Have a look at my free course on beginning a mother blog!


It is a visual kind of site that fuels the imagination for some other men and women. It is no surprise which you are able to earn money for a craft blogger.

She used her expertise in designing crochet patterns to earn cash with her sewing website.

From the crochet market of the world wide web, I have found something to be authentic — plenty of individuals crochet, but not too many are publishing new layouts and setting content out. There’s a really small set of crochet authors out there (spend some time around Pinterest and you will quickly name a few ) dominating the marketplace.

Her most recent website income report demonstrates that she created over $10,000 using advertisements, an affiliate advertising, and selling her routines on Etsy.

2. Parenting Blog

Parenting is a rewarding niche and among the popular sites, new bloggers can begin. Just consider it there are whole stores specializing in newborns and kids. You will find hundreds and hundreds of products only for parents also.

This type of market that’s also universal — mothers are everywhere!

Carly of Mommy on Goal is a famous blogger in addition to a stay at home mother who blogs about maternity hints and being a mother.

Her most important procedures of monetization are advertisements, affiliate advertising, and goods. You move mama!

3. Health

Health and health are HUGE markets on the internet and among the greatest sites to begin. It appears that universal subjects where many men and women know about them turn into lucrative site niches. And that makes sense you are talking to a major chunk of people of the world.

While blogging is extremely rewarding, you’re only really talking to some very (VERY) little percent of people in the world.

So, if you would like to start a site, take into consideration the worldwide scale of your site and define your market in which manner!

She largely intends her support for other mothers, but her website opens her market to include girls that are looking to become healthy.

Jessica posted she makes $12,000 per month out of her website but later reported to create around $20,000 per month with her website. Amazing!

Her most important ways of earning income is by sponsored articles, advertisements, affiliate advertising, and her very own products.

4. Lifestyle

A lifestyle site is a popular blog that has several unique topics. These sites usually target one kind of market — new mothers, college children, pet fans. Some bloggers believe you can not create an income using a multi-topic site.

The rationale behind this is a market site with a single core motif speaks to a single kind of audience. If it’s possible to talk ONLY to them, you can assist them with their issues (by promoting services and products to assist them).

However, you can generate income with a lifestyle issue!

Ashli is among the very best bloggers in this market. She’s the owner of this Million Dollar Mama blogs around eight themes — from recipes to blogging to journey and much more.

Ashli is a stay at home millennial mother that loves to site about being a mother and discovering creative ways to conserve and generate income.

While she has not submitted a recent site income report, I really do know she regularly generates $5000/month JUST from Amazon affiliate advertising.

5. Frugal Living

Were you aware that saving money is among the largest markets on Pinterest? There are a few huge group boards for frugal dwelling bloggers.

With my other site, Smart Mother IdeasI had been going to go to the frugal living vein because among the most well-known articles on this site is about ways to save cash. However, I found it difficult to monetize. You can also check more popular sites

How can you earn money by giving ideas to save cash?

What is great about her website is the way ALIVE and flourishing it is. She has made a loyal following who read posts and opinions on these. However, not just that, her website generates $1500 per month to get her!

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