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Ten Cute Ideas for an Elephant-Themed Baby Shower : Mocsicka Boy Elephant Baby Shower Backdrop 7x5ft ...

Locating a special theme or ideas for a baby shower can be hard. If you’re searching for something more than normal blue and pink color schemes, consider elephant-themed baby shower ideas because a creative way to celebrate the momentous occasion of a fresh life. Following are ten great ways to produce the ideal gathering for an expectant mom, one made special with elephants, which is sure to be remembered by all!

Choosing an Elephant Theme

Deciding on an elephant-theme to get a baby shower offers many beautiful connections for the guests. Like humans, elephants reside in a group for a household, have one matriarch in charge, and establish an extremely close-knit bond. Elephants not only display playful and social behaviour, they are exceptionally empathetic and react to signs of distress or pain in their tribe. We often respond to those gentle giants because they demonstrate quite recognizable human traits.

Deciding on an elephant-theme baby shower allows the party-planner an opportunity to present an event that resonate beyond the d├ęcor and presents. Elephants are a wonderous joy to watch and therefore should a party celebrating a brand new baby!

Choose a color

Using a grey color for a foundations color theme is ideal as it gives a neutral background color. Additionally, it pairs with traditional boy/girl colours (pink and blue ) perfectly so it can be incorporated beautifully for any sex baby shower.

It’s easy to imagine gray streamers amalgamated with blue or pink streamers artfully twisted for ceiling draping. Gray elephant logos, art or toys mingled with pink or blue desserts, drinks as well as linens, create a stunning hue through the function.

Ideal Backdrops

An elephant-themed background from MyHappyPartyShop.

Using a wall as a focal point can function to decide on a stunning stage for the baby shower. Locating a massive elephant poster to drape on the wall is simpler than ever with all kinds of party companies offering great backdrops.

If procuring a large poster is cost-prohibitive, another great elephant backdrop idea is to produce your own. Use painters tape to stick white paper to a wall in your venue that’s easily seen and can be accessed by all of the guests. The paper can be a big roll of white kraft paper or the back side of wrapping paper just make sure you cover a huge section of this wall.

Find a silhouette image of an elephant and free-hand follow it on the newspaper (it is okay if it is not ideal, simply use your creativity to make it a private, stylized version that you enjoy ). Put a sign close to the background with plenty of colorful pens useful. Request that your guests depart a private bit of advice about parenting.

Not only is the backdrop an enjoyable way to celebrate your theme, it is also an interactive decoration which involve guests in the event. The hostess of this baby shower can take an image of this backdrop and transcribe all the”information” in a binder or notebook as a special follow-up gift for the parent.


What’s more fun than getting an elephant-themed invitation? You can easily locate elephant invitations online, but for an even more private and cost-savings approach, there are fun and easy ways to create invitations on your own. Find either a familiar side perspective or mind view of an elephant.

Make an outline of the image by tracing it on a poster board (that will serve as your template). Choose any number of choices for the invitation paper — from elephant-gray to vibrant paper with grey highlights to gender-specific blue or pink alternatives — and fold the paper in half. Trace the image to the folded paper, making sure that the top part of the elephant is resting on the fold. When you cut out the traced image, be sure that the upper part remains folded, thereby providing you an elephant that may be opened just like a card. Contain all of the baby shower particulars inside the card (paste in computer-generated information or just handwrite it). Click here for elephant baby shower

It is possible to include colorful confetti within the fold to produce the invitation particularly festive. The envelopes are also an opportunity to make the invitation fascinating. From choosing colorful envelopes to putting wolf decals on the back-side closure to writing”just like elephants — don’t forget the baby shower” at the base, your invitations will be one-of-a-kind!

Perfect Gifts to Give

There is an abundance of elephant-themed clothing selections, toys and stuffed animals. All are great options, but another superb approach is to provide a publication. Board books for babies are an indispensable part of a child’s early learning and reading experience. Moreover, reading to a baby offers irreplaceable bonding moments that shape a kid’s development. Whether it’s a counting or a ABC’s novel with a book about an elephant character, a board book is an perfect present for an elephant-themed baby shower. In reality, children’s book subscription boxes make the gift-giving procedure not only easier, but even more specific.

Elephant Books is a book subscription company that specializes in creating perfect book packages for kids ages 0-6. They curate the ideal book selections, include fun and beneficial reading extras and superbly wrap, package and send them to the child of your selection. Better still, you can decide whether it is a one-time gift or 6, 3, or even 12-month subscription. Better still, the present arrives with images of elephants in all of the packaging and materials, in order for your gift reminds the parent of their very special day each month the bundle arrives! Learn more at elephant-books. com.

How to Decorate

The simplest approach is purchasing elephant-themed decorations from party supply stores. However, there are a number of simple DIY options, also. First, find a cute elephant picture — it could be free on line clip art, a photo of an elephant which you love or a drawing you create yourself. You are able to use that picture to all kinds of decorations.

Publish it on paper and wrap it about water bottles or plastic cups for habit drink dispensers. Create a memorable centerpiece by securing a bigger version of the picture (possibly with a local printer help) and glue it onto a large skewer. Simply adhere the skewer in the vase of a floral structure and your centerpiece is complete. Get multiple copies of the bigger picture and you can paste it on poster board or bulletin boards which you can use throughout the place for additional wall decoration.

Don’t forget to stick with the picture on additional vases, balloons, cake racks and platters for more easy customizable touches. In the same way, candy bars or special homemade treats could be wrapped with the image for a for a take-home party favor.

What Food to Serve

Whether it is a buffet or sit-down dinner, then get creative in presenting your own menu. Finger sandwiches can become”Elephant-‘wiches,” potato chips can be”elephant ears,” and pickles can be”trunks.” Consider offering a drink station called”The Watering Hole.” Even specialty drinks can be changed into”The Thirsty Elephant” or”Gray Magic.” Whatever you function is an chance to utilize fun language and imaginative writing to decide on a delicious stage for your theme.

Baby shower games

All baby shower games may be customized with an elephant theme. Just create a word document on a pc with an elephant picture of your choice (procured from free clip art) in the corner. Use some of the following baby shower ideas and incorporate the title and instructions into the internet template. Print multiple copies of each to make sure you have one for each guest.

Baby Word Scramble. Scramble words such as diapers, formula, onesies, crib, stroller, pacifier, bottle, etc.. The very first one who unscrambles all the phrases, wins!
What is in My Purse. Include typical and amusing purse items such as wallet, lipstick, brush, comb, keys, granola bar, safety pin, fish, fish food, etc.. The one with the most items checked (and demonstrated ) wins!
Baby Predictions. Allow all to imagine birth details like, day, time, weight, time of arrival, boy or girl, etc.. The hostess or parent retains the information and notifies the winner after the birth.
Who Knows the Parent Best. Create questions (with help from the parent) about particular details concerning the parent, for example, where did the parent go to school, where has been the parent created, the name of the person the parent kiss, the name of the parent’s pet, etc.. The one with the most correct answers, wins!
What is it Cost? Ask what typical and atypical infant things price, like diapers, formula, pacifier, baby jogger, car seat, infant Uggs, Tiffany teething ring, etc.. The one with the most right answers, wins!
Name the Children’s Novel. Offer a number of quotations from famous children’s novels and request guests to spot the book. The one with the most right answers, wins!
Locate the Guest. The hostess collects one unique piece of information about each guests and asks everyone to identify who the individual is. The one with the best answers, wins!
Celebrity Baby Names. Provide a list of actors that have kids and ask guest to name their children. The one with the best answers, wins!

The Ideal Table Setting

What is more fun than setting a table having an elephant-theme? Purchasing paper cups and plates with elephant pictures is a simple solution, but there’s lots of opportunities to create a gorgeous table setting all on your own, also.

First, select a gray tablecloth to set a neutral stage to your location settings. Use white plates along with your regular silverware to set the table. If you can find small plastic elephants, spray paint them pink or blue (for sex certain elephants) or yellow (for non-gender special ) and then set them in the center of this plate.

Create a seating chart with name tags that are tied round each elephant. Gray napkins with colorful ribbon wrapped round them and put on the plates create the setting more festive (contemplate using neon pink, blue or yellowish for eye vibrancy). Use exactly the same neon ribbon, along with gray ribbon) and artfully strew it around the table.

Identically colored confetti can be made and added to the table by attaching the ribbon to small pieces. Stick pictures of elephants and white candles placed in the center of this table to make an even more celebratory touch.

Creating the Great Elephant-Themed Cake

An elephant-themed birthday cake from”A Little Cake Bakery”.

If your favorite bakery can not create the great elephant-themed cake, you can make it yourself with little effort or cost. Begin with baking or purchasing the flavored cake of your choice. Choose either a blue or pink frosting depending upon the baby-shower gender theme. If the sex isn’t revealed, use yellow.

Purchase several simple plastic decoration toys to use as decoration on the cake. If the cake is small, use just one as a topper, but if it is bigger, get creative with different size elephants distributed all around the cake. You might also utilize a printed image of an elephant glued on a skewer to customize the cake by sticking it in the center.

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